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Bridgewater Candle Company - Home Fragrance Oil - Berries Jubilee

Bridgewater Candle Company - Home Fragrance Oil - Berries Jubilee

With instant fragrance you can tailor to your preference, our Home Fragrance Oil is the perfect fit for anyone who enjoys a flameless fragrance solution for their home.

Use and Care:
Depending on your fragrance strength preference, use 10-20 drops of Home Fragrance Oil in an electric warmer
To clean used oil from your warmer bowl, unplug the warmer, let it cool, and use a towel to wipe the oil away

Berries Jubilee presents a fanfare of ripened raspberries, fresh blueberries, tart blackberries and wild cloudberries in an aromatic statement of fruity merriment. Velvety rose and earthy rosehip lend a blooming softness to the mouthwatering compote, while a finale of honeyed vanilla and balsamic icing induces a smother of sugary indulgence. Berries Jubilee is a fruity surprise!

Top notes: Raspberry & Blueberry
Middle Notes: Blackberry & Wild Berry
Base Notes: Rose & Rose Hip

Time it will smell in hours+/- 80

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