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Bridgewater Candle Company - Fragrance Candle - 500gr - After the Rain

Bridgewater Candle Company - Fragrance Candle - 500gr - After the Rain

With the classic scented candles from Bridgewater Candle Company you can optimally enjoy your favorite scent, with no less than 500 grams of wax and a burning time of up to 145 hours.
In addition to being a wonderful scent, it is also a beautiful accessory for your interior!

Use and care:
Burn in sight, always cut the wick to 0.5cm before lighting the candle
Keep the candle on a flat surface, away from drafts.
Allow the wax to flow to the edge of the glass before extinguishing the flame
Do not let dirt, such as coals from the tip of the wick, fall into the wax
Extinguish the candle when the wax level reaches about 0.5cm
If you follow these steps, you will enjoy the delicious scented candle the longest.

NOTE: The 500 and 225 gram scented candles get a new design! Bridgewater Candle Company USA has designed a new minimalistic jar.
From now on, these scented candles will be produced without the logo on the jar, so it's possible that during the transition of stock, you order a candle with logo and receive it without logo.
We would like to ask you for your understanding for this, we are doing our best to keep everything correct

While bright, juicy accords of apple and kiwi blend with musky, earthy notes of patchouli and moss, After the Rain resembles the nostalgic, ozone-like scent that lingers after a rain shower. So put on your boots and take a lovely walk in the tranquility that follows after a rain shower.

Top notes: Alheydic, Metallic, Ozonic, Galbanum
Middle Notes: Green Watery, Juicy Apple, Kiwi
Base Notes: Vapor Earth, Patchouli, Mushroom, Moss

Please note!
With white scented candles, it may happen that the wax turns yellow, but this has no influence on the fragrance release.

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